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This website enables you to keep in contact with alumni and faculty, etc. from Rockville High School in Rockville, MD.

Features include:

+++ Alumni of this high school can request access and be granted permission to log onto this website by sending an email to:

+++ Profile page - users can update their personal data and upload a picture

 +++ Newsletter page - This allows blast emails to be sent to all registered alumni
 +++ Events - users can receive information on upcoming and recently archived events

 +++ Messages - users can contact each other and write messages

+++ Blog - users can post comments concerning web site for general viewing

+++ Opportunities - users can post business opportunities for alumni

RHS Website Appreciation and Credits
This website represents the third-generation of our effort to put Rockville High Alumni, etc., on the web to facilitate class reunions and other social activities.
Let me begin my "dedication" by first thanking my good friend and former classmate, Joe Carignan, for bringing our very first alumni effort to the web about ten years ago.  He made it a work of art and I provided the paint by numbers data that gave it a very special look and utility. That "free" commercial site came with some advertising, but we sucked it up and kept moving along.  
When time and complexity made the site too much for Joe to handle in his spare time, he was kind enough to engage the services of our mutual classmate, Kevin Bailey, who not only took the site to the next level, but also made it private so that flashing ads would not a requirement for us to be on the web.   Kevin passed away on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015.  He is sorely missed by us all.

Of course that yet higher level of service came came at a price, so we at first had individual sponsors contributing small dollar amounts every year, through PayPal, etc., and through March 2010, we had one very special individual who wrote us a check each year to keep the web site going.  I would like to give a very special "thank you and expression of appreciation" to:

Larry K. Keys, Esquire, RHS Class of 1975
801 East Lumsden Road
Brandon, FL 33511
(O) 813-654-2456 

As of the updating of this page on July 26, 2021, our new website has 53 years of alumni and all of the administrators that have served at Rockville High.  Most of the counselors, faculty, and staff are present on the site as well.  More works needs to be done to add eligible "non-student" records and to edit photos that did not crop well in the first instance.  This third effort would not have been possible without the support of yet another former classmate, Pat Scrivens, who put me in touch with an awesome webmaster, Wayne Ringling.  Every photo on this site has been individually cropped from a yearbook page and every bit and byte of data supporting each record has come from vast hours of online research and through information contributed by fellow alumni. 

So on behalf of us all, 

I say thank you guys for a real team effort and tradition of excellence!

Steve Fisher, Chair 
RHS Class of 1971 Reunion Committee
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